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Villas and houses in Al Reef

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Villas for sale in Al Reef, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Over the past few years, the economy of the UAE has been growing consistently, which is the reason why property in Abu Dhabi is in high demand among local residents, businessmen, and investors. The boom in the emirate’s residential property market occurred in 2019, when the UAE government endorsed the list of communities where full private ownership of homes was allowed for expats. Before that, only long-term 99-year leasehold was available for foreigners. The new policy of the emirate’s government enhances the influx of foreign capital and the growth of the country’s real estate market.

Al Reef is one of such freehold communities located near the airport and divided into two parts, the Downtown, where residential development is primarily represented by apartment blocks, and Villas, where you can buy a quality villa at an affordable price. A house in Al Reef is a great investment opportunity. In 2020, this community became one of the top three most popular districts in which to rent inexpensive villas.

Amenities in Al Reef

Al Reef is advantageously located close to the international airport and the Al Raha Beach. A trip to the emirate’s central mall and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (the largest in the world) will take 17 minutes.

Residents also have access to the following amenities within the community:

  • Parks
  • Wellness clubs
  • School
  • Public swimming pools
  • Grocery stores and other shops
  • Kindergarten
  • Several gyms
  • Beauty parlor
  • Pharmacies
  • Swimming pools
  • Cricket field
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Mosque
  • Restaurants and cafés

Two more important advantages are the availability of public transport and a well-developed network of motorways.

Villas prices in Al Reef

There are different types of villas in Al Reef for investment and permanent residence. You can find a small two-bedroom home for AED 780,000 (USD 212,400, or CNY 1.5 million) or more expensive properties with larger living quarters.

For instance, a villa in Al Reef with three bedrooms costs between AED 1.15 million (USD 313,000, or CNY 2.1 million) and AED 1.77 million (USD 482,000, or CNY 3.3 million).

If you would like to buy a villa in Al Reef with four bedrooms, you should be prepared to pay AED 1.6 million (USD 436,000, or CNY 3 million). The value of a five-bedroom villa is from AED 1.86 million (USD 506,400, or CNY 3.5 million) to AED 3.0 million (USD 817,000, or CNY 5.6 million).

As the housing prices have been gradually growing in the UAE real estate market, please be sure to check the current value of villas on our website that lists prices in euros and dollars for your convenience.

Features of villas in Al Reef

There are different houses for sale in Al Reef with two to five bedrooms, built in the Mediterranean, Arabian, or contemporary architectural style.

The interior of most properties features neutral color shades, so that future owners could adapt their homes to their taste with accent decorative elements, furniture, accessories, etc.

All houses have gated grounds and covered parking for vehicles. Some villas feature a private swimming pool, a large garden, a terrace, and other amenities. Most properties have two stories, but three-story villas with a floor space of over 300 m2 are also available.

Standalone single-family homes are rare in this district. All contemporary villas belong to gated residential developments in Abu Dhabi. This is convenient for residents, as every community has its own amenities, such as a community center, retail outlets, gyms, jogging tracks, children’s playgrounds, parks, etc.

Investment house in Al Reef

This community is popular among investors in Abu Dhabi real estate, as the demand for rental homes is always high here. You can make a house investment in Al Reef and receive a stable rental income.

Two and three-bedroom villas can generate an annual return of 7.1%. The return on investment in four and five-bedroom properties is 6.7% and 6.5% respectively.

Such great performance is caused by affordable rental rates and selling prices of residential properties in the community. The high demand for real estate in Al Reef is also due to the extensive amenities and the fact that residents can quickly reach the center of the emirate.

Foreign investors may lease residential properties in Abu Dhabi under long-term lease contracts. For a short-term lease, the owner of the property may hire a management company that will help to settle all issues with tenants if the owner lives in another city or does not want to deal with finding tenants and other property lease details themselves.

Buy a house in Al Reef

If you want to buy an Al Reef home, there are many diverse properties for sale at the moment. To select a house that meets all your requirements, you should study everything the market offers. You do not have to visit multiple webpages of agents and construction companies in Abu Dhabi to do that. Our website has already accumulated all the most relevant listings from private persons, real estate agencies, and developers in Abu Dhabi in a single catalog.

You can use our convenient search system to select a home by its floor area, location, the number of bedrooms, and numerous other parameters. You can also set a certain price range and compare properties by different criteria.

With our aggregator website, you can make a huge step towards purchasing a home in the UAE today. By the time you travel to Abu Dhabi, you will already have a list of villas for final viewings before closing the deal on your purchase.