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New developments in Abu Dhabi

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New buildings in Abu Dhabi at prices from developers

New development projects in Abu Dhabi feature great options of various buy-to-rent and buy-to-live properties, including studios and one to six-bedroom apartments. Here are the key reasons to invest in new buildings in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Stable economy

    Despite old-time stereotypes, the Abu Dhabi economy is no longer based on oil alone. The Emirati government diversifies its country’s activity and develops tourism, industry, and other sectors. Freehold areas and the favorable taxation system attract buyers of real estate from all over the world, boosting the demand for local apartments and other types of residences.

  2. Affordable prices

    Homes in Abu Dhabi costs considerably less than similar residential properties in Europe.

  3. Extensive facilities

    Residential complexes in Abu Dhabi have all the necessities for comfortable living, such as schools, universities, healthcare institutions, shops, a quality transport network, restaurants, etc.

  4. Return on investment

    The average return on investment here is 6 – 7%, depending on the type of your house in Abu Dhabi and its location.

  5. Comfortable living

    Sunny weather and warm waters of the Persian Gulf are not the only two reasons why properties for sale in Abu Dhabi residence complexes are in such high demand. The capital of the Emirates boasts a crime rate of almost zero, making it is one of the safest cities in the world. Residents report that they feel safe even when walking alone at night. They don’t have to worry about their belongings even if they accidentally leave a purse in a public place

Residential projects in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi catalog features a wide range of current listings for the benefit of buyers willing to buy property in Abu Dhabi. The leading developers regularly announce launches of new residential projects in Abu Dhabi, so investors and home-hunters can select a new building within their budget and meet all their wishes.

Real estate in a new residential project at the developer’s price is one of the best possible investments in Abu Dhabi. Local developers offer properties with the perfect price/quality ratio and flexible payment plans. Purchasing an apartment in Abu Dhabi will give you not only a useful asset but also a source of profit for the investor.


Here are the prices in some residence complexes in Abu Dhabi that stand out among numerous other projects currently attracting the buyers’ attention:

  1. Pixel

    This project offers a collection of modern apartments along with shops, offices, and exclusive amenities. The cost is USD 4,600 per square meter.

  2. Marina Fairmont

    This residence complex in Abu Dhabi targets buyers who prefer luxurious living amidst amenities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. It costs USD 5,800 per square meter.

  3. Rak Tower

    There are 550 premium apartments with access to a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, and other amenities in this project. It is worth USD 3,200 per square meter.

  4. Meera

    This project is a great choice for fans of healthy lifestyle, as it offers amenities such as a swimming pool, a tanning salon, a gym, a public park, a children’s recreation area, etc.

Buy property in a new development in Abu Dhabi

At the moment, development projects in Abu Dhabi are relatively cheap compared to those in Europe, but they keep growing more expensive. Over the first half of the current year, the prices of local residential properties grew by 14% in the affordable segment and by 8% in the upscale segment. Experts are sure that this upward trend will continue. This is great news for investors who are planning to increase their returns through capital gain. You can view current prices of homes in new residential buildings in Abu Dhabi in the Abu Dhabi catalog that lists prices in euros and dollars.

Importantly, the aggregator’s catalog features only listings from developers and real estate brokers in Abu Dhabi that care about their reputation and earned the customer’s trust with years of successful operation and an impressive track record. Representatives of Abu Dhabi carefully study the documents and past history of development companies who aspire to cooperate with the aggregator, so investors and home-hunters can purchase real estate in Abu Dhabi residential projects and do not worry about their money, time, or other resources.

Purchasing real estate at the developer’s price in Abu Dhabi is a lucrative investment. Investors can be sure of a high return from leasing their residential properties or a capital gain. If you would like to purchase a home in a new residential development in Abu Dhabi, you can count on professional assistance of our aggregator’s team who will help you to select the right property, walk you through the stages of closing the deal, and also consult you on all necessary calculations.