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  • Stages of buying real estate in Abu Dhabi

    Over the past decade, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has become more open to foreigners and, in particular, to potential buyers of real estate. After changing the rules that guarantee foreign citizens the opportunity to purchase real estate in Abu Dhabi, there is a significant increase in demand in the emirate market. There are now several freehold zones in Abu Dhabi, where non-residents are allowed to buy real estate. This will gradually increase more and more over time. From our material, you will learn about the peculiarities of buying real estate in Abu Dhabi by foreigners. Contents: Features of the Abu Dhabi real estate market The rights of foreigners to purchase real estate Stages of real estate registration in Abu Dhabi Step-by-step procedure for buying a property...

  • Where to invest and invest money in 2022, so as not to lose

    To take care of their future well-being, a person must know where to invest the funds they earn. COVID-19 has proved that even a stable economy can quickly turn upside down, leaving those who were not prepared for difficult times struggling for income. The information below will help anyone who wants to not only save but also grow their finances. Contents: How to prepare for investing How to invest money for passive income Mutual funds Currency Precious metals Stocks Bank deposit Real estate Where to invest money for investors with a large budget What experts advise Our assistance in buying real estate in Abu Dhabi How to prepare for investing No one can become a successful investor in a day. Learning the intricacies of the financial world requires time and patience,...

  • Price overview and prospects of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi for 2022

    Last year, Abu Dhabi was recognized as the most livable place in the Middle East. The city has become a new favorite among buyers and tenants of real estate. This year, the local market continues to receive an active influx of foreign investment, which explains the increased demand and the upward trajectory of prices. The high return on investment and stability achieved by the capital after COVID-19 have become the main catalysts for attracting businesses and wealthy buyers from around the world. Let's discuss how prices have changed for Abu Dhabi real estate in the first half of 2022 and what the local market can expect in the future. Contents: What is happening in the real estate market? How the pandemic affected the real estate market How innovations in legislation will change the...

  • Pros and cons of living in Abu Dhabi

    In this article, we examine the pros and cons of real estate in Abu Dhabi, which should be taken into account by everyone who plans to buy real estate in Abu Dhabi or wants to move to a permanent place of residence. Contents: Advantages of buying a property in Abu Dhabi High level of wages No income tax High level of security Sunshine all year round Sea and beaches Optimal work-life balance Disadvantages of living in Abu Dhabi The need to adapt to the peculiarities of a foreign society The climate The impossibility of obtaining citizenship We will help you choose your dream apartment in Abu Dhabi Advantages of buying a property in Abu Dhabi Any move is fraught with difficulties and pleasant surprises. Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, foreigners will discover that the...

  • How to get a residence permit (residence permit) in the UAE

    In recent years, the UAE has been actively supporting foreign investors, creating a fertile ground for their activities, and stimulating the attraction of capital from abroad. One of the incentives designed to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the Emirates is a residence permit. To issue a residence permit in the UAE means to gain the opportunity of legal and long-term residence in the territory of the United Arab Emirates. The most common and least time-consuming way to obtain a residence permit is to buy a property in Abu Dhabi or another emirate and submit a request for a resident visa. Contents: Features and benefits of resident visas Advantages of a resident visa in the UAE Types of resident visas and conditions for obtaining them 3-year visa 5-year visa 10-year...