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Townhouses in Abu Dhabi

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Townhouses for sale in Abu Dhabi, the UAE

The actively developing economy of the UAE and its high quality of life attract not only tourists but also those who are planning to relocate there for permanent residence or searching for a reliable investment in residential properties. Property in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is an opportunity to make a lucrative investment and save money from inflation. One of the most popular types of property is luxury townhouses in Abu Dhabi. This is an affordable way to own a seaside home.

The pandemic forced people to reconsider their accommodation choices. Before it, apartments used to be the most sought-after, but in 2021, buyers realized the advantages of standalone houses. A single-family home makes it possible to arrange spaces for work and study without affecting the comfort of other residents. It is also an opportunity to minimize contacts with other people and embrace a more private lifestyle.

Types of townhouses in Abu Dhabi

The megalopolis’ real estate market is rapidly evolving. Developers in Abu Dhabi are trying to satisfy the requirements of sophisticated buyers from all over the world, so they are building properties in various architectural styles. The floor area and the number of rooms also vary. Two to six-bedroom townhouses (both off-plan and completed) are available in this emirate. Some homes are completely furnished and move-in-ready. In other cases, owners can choose the furniture to their taste. Most homes have parking spaces, a landscaped garden, living quarters, a laundry room, and a storeroom. They are usually part of gated communities, enabling the residents to use the amenities of these residential projects, which typically include communal swimming pools, recreation areas, children’s playgrounds, and gyms.


Townhouse prices in Abu Dhabi vary. A two-bedroom home can cost from AED 1.7 million (USD 456,200, or CNY 3.1 million) to AED 4 million (USD 1.07 million, or CNY 7.03 million). The prices of three-bedroom residences start at AED 1 million (USD 268,300, or CNY 1.8 million). Four-bedroom properties are worth upwards of AED 2 million (USD 536,700, or CNY 3.6 million). More spacious homes can cost AED 4 million (USD 1.07 million, or CNY 7.3 million) and more. Please note that the real estate market and prices in the UAE capital are continuously growing, so make sure to check them just before purchasing a residence. Generally, though, townhouse prices in the UAE are quite affordable compared to similar properties in large European or American cities.

Investment townhouses in Abu Dhabi

Here are a few reasons why investment townhouses in Abu Dhabi are a great choice:

  • More affordable prices compared to those of villas
  • High return on investment
  • Value capitalization of residential properties

As the value of homes is increasing, you can resell your property at a much higher price in the future. Investing in off-plan projects at the initial stage of construction is particularly lucrative.

Abu Dhabi lifestyle

Residents of the megalopolis have a neutral attitude to expats. The authorities encourage foreign investment in the economy, so purchasing a home is not a problem. In Abu Dhabi, foreigners may have full ownership of real estate and apply for a residence permit under a simplified procedure. The lifestyle in the capital is more serene than in Dubai, which is buzzing with tourists. However, foreigners can still use a wide range of amenities, such as quality healthcare, great education, and an extensive transportation network.

Buy a townhouse in Abu Dhabi

The catalog of the largest real estate broker features homes in different communities of the capital. The user-friendly search system has filters, enabling you to select the right property type on the budget. Our team will help you to buy a townhouse in Abu Dhabi as an investment or a permanent residence. The value of a house in Abu Dhabi is displayed in several currencies, as the website features prices in euros and dollars.