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Property in The Marina

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Property for sale in Marina, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Marina is an artificial island constructed on the shoreline of the Persian Gulf, right in the center of Abu Dhabi. Its area is only 1.7 km², but this doesn’t prevent the island from being one of the emirate’s most sophisticated locations. Marina is densely developed and has the best property in Abu Dhabi. Real estate in Marina for foreigners and locals is an exquisite collection of luxurious villas, apartments, and hotels, many of which have direct access to the sea and offer staggering views of the Persian Gulf. This community is among the most popular places for living and recreation in Abu Dhabi.

The beachfront lifestyle, the huge selection of restaurants and entertainment venues, and the cutting-edge amenities are the reasons for the soaring demand for real estate in Marina among tenants. Marina is one of the best choices for large families who wish to rent or buy a house in Abu Dhabi, especially as a permanent residence.

Until 2021, buying property in Marina was not possible for expats but now this is a freehold area, which means that businessmen and investors from other countries can freely buy real estate in Marina and own it. This novelty attracted the attention of even a greater number of customers from abroad who wish to invest in Marina property.

Every property on the island is premium-class. Its key advantage is the unique location, providing convenient access to the central part of the emirate and at the same time great privacy.

All real estate in Marina amidst mangrove forests boasts a wide selection of amenities and staggering views of the cerulean sea and the harbor.

Property prices in Marina

The rent of luxurious 5-bedroom villas in Marina starts at AED 350,000 (USD 95,200, or CNY 641,200) and can reach AED 450,000 (USD 122,500, or CNY 824,500) per year.

Apartments in Marina are somewhat more affordable. The rent of a one-bedroom apartment starts at AED 92,000 (USD 25,000, or CNY 168,500) per year; the rent of a two-bedroom apartment, at AED 119,5000 (USD 32,500, or CNY 219,000) per year. The average rent of a 3-bedroom apartment is AED 180,000 (USD 49,000, or CNY 329,000) per year.

Properties in Marina, Abu Dhabi cost more than in some other districts of this emirate. Here are the prices of some properties for sale in Marina:

  • 1-bedroom apartments: from AED 2.2 million (USD 598,900, or CNY 4.03 million)
  • 2-bedroom apartments: from AED 3.2 million (USD 871,200, or CNY 5.8 million)
  • 3-bedroom apartments: from AED 5 million (USD 1.3 million, or CNY 9.1 million)

As for villas listed in the real estate market, the prices are as follows:

  • 5-bedroom villas: from AED 11 million (USD 2.9 million, or CNY 20.1 million)
  • 6-bedroom villas: from AED 13.4 million (USD 3.6 million, or CNY 24.5 million) to AED 19.5 million (USD 5.3 million, or CNY 35.7 million)

Besides the convenient location, the island is also famous for accommodating some of the UAE’s best residential projects, such as Marina Sunset Bay and Fairmont Marina Residences, which are celebrated for their exclusive villas and modern apartments.

Investment property in Marina

Marina Island has great facilities, such as educational and healthcare institutions, supermarkets, the Marina Mall, entertainment venues, and sports courts.

This community sits right across Corniche Road, Al Khubeirah, and Al Khalidiya. Hamdan Street located a 10 minute-drive away from Marina houses some of the city’s oldest gold shops. Also nearby is Al Ras Al Akhdar, a district with the 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel and Qasr Al Watan, the UAE Presidential Palace open to the public.

Many kinds of public transport are available in Marina. It is easy to reach this community by public buses. A bus runs from the Marina Mall to the Abu Dhabi bus terminal every 15 minutes. There is a taxi station next to the Marina Mall.

The Marina Mall is famous as one of Abu Dhabi’s best shopping malls and the only one on Marina Island. More than 120.7 m2 accommodate over 400 retail stores, including Gucci, Tiffany & Co, Prada, and Hugo Boss. There is a 30-story observation tower with Tiara, a revolving restaurant offering breathtaking views of the capital and the Persian Gulf. The Marina Mall also accommodates other high-end retail outlets and restaurants.

The island’s convenient location enables its residents to reach the key destinations in Abu Dhabi very quickly. This is the approximate travel time:

  • To Abu Dhabi International Airport: 35 minutes
  • To Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: 30 minutes
  • To Dubai: 1 hour
  • To Al-Ayn: 2 hours

With the exclusive level of living on the island, the extensive range of homes, and the growing interest of buyers and tenants in premium properties, Marina Island is a promising asset for an investment in real estate. You can start investing in real estate in Marina right now on the Abu Dhabi website.

Buy property in Marina

Are you planning to buy an apartment in Abu Dhabi but cannot make a choice? The Abu Dhabi website features the best real estate from developers and agencies in popular Abu Dhabi communities. Our competent team is always happy to answer your questions about purchase and sale of real estate in the UAE and help you to buy property for investment in Marina. You can view the current prices in euros and dollars in the catalog or check them by phone directly with our consultant.