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Property in Al Raha Beach

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Property for sale in Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Al Raha is a mixed-use residential and business community and a popular vacation destination in Abu Dhabi. It consists of two districts, Al Raha Beach and Al Raha Gardens, divided into 11 neighborhoods. Al Raha Beach is the closest to the coastline. It runs along Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street (E10) connecting the capital to Dubai.

Al Raha Beach is a multi-faceted residential community with entertainment venues, cultural events, and world-class amenities at the area of 5.2 million m2 sprawling along the natural coastline. It is a wonderful place for luxurious seafront living and one of the most popular districts for those planning to buy property in Abu Dhabi - for living and business.

Real estate in Al Raha Beach consists of a first-rate combination of residential and commercial properties. One of the district’s most iconic projects is the Al Raha Beach Hotel. Properties in Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, include apartments, villas, and townhouses. The major local neighborhoods are Al Bandar, Al Zeina, and Al Muneera.

All businessmen and investors from abroad can buy real estate in Al Raha Beach, as this is a freehold area. For foreigners, investing in real estate in Al Raha Beach means acquiring a highly liquid asset. Homes in this community make great buy-to-rent and buy-to-live properties.

Property prices in Al Raha Beach

Al Raha Beach is one of the best locations in which to buy a waterfront residence in Abu Dhabi. Properties for sale in Al Raha Beach, particularly in Al Bandar, where residential buildings are mostly concentrated, are quite varied, from studios to opulent six-bedroom penthouses. The rental of local homes depends on their floor area and other parameters, but AED 42,000 (USD 11,400, or CNY 76,900) is the lowest threshold. Some of the most prominent residential projects here are Al Barza, Al Naseem Residence, and Al Hadeel.

Buyers and tenants can choose from a wide variety of residential and commercial properties located literally on the beach. There are studios, luxurious four-bedroom apartments, villas, as well as three, four, and five-bedroom townhouses and three to five-bedroom penthouses.

Real estate investment in Al Raha Beach is lucrative because of the relatively low price, among other reasons:

  • A studio in a waterfront residential project costs about AED 930,000 (USD 253,100, or CNY 1.7 million)
  • A one-bedroom apartment costs AED 1 million (USD 272,200, or CNY 1.8 million) on average
  • A two-bedroom apartment costs approximately AED 1.6 million (USD 435,500, or CNY 2.9 million)
  • Three and four-bedroom apartments cost from AED 1.7 million (USD 462,800, or CNY 3.1 million) to AED 6.7 million (USD 1.8 million, or CNY 12.2 million).

Premium homes are worth more:

  • 3-bedroom penthouse: upwards of AED 5.5 million (USD 1.4 million, or CNY 10 million)
  • 4-bedroom penthouse: from AED 6.2 million (USD 1.6 million, or CNY 11.3 million) to AED 11 million (USD 2.9 million, or CNY 20.1 million)
  • 5-bedroom penthouse: upwards of AED 7.5 million (USD 2 million, or CNY 13.7 million)

These prices of upscale residences in such a district are reasonable due to the quality of construction, the location, and the provided amenities. You can buy a house in Abu Dhabi, in Al Raha Beach for AED 3.5 million (USD 952,800, or CNY 6.4 million) – AED 4.6 million (USD 1.2 million, or CNY 8.4 million). Luxurious five-bedroom townhouses are worth upwards of AED 10 million (USD 2.7 million, or CNY 18.3 million).

Investment property in Al Raha Beach

The wide range of amenities makes Al Raha Beach an independent beachfront “city within the city”. This community is extremely popular among investors in the real estate market, as this is one of the emirate’s best freehold areas. The beach has thus turned into a coveted investment haven. It is always on the list of best communities in which to purchase a townhouse in Abu Dhabi.

If you decide to invest in Al Raha Beach property, you will see a high return. The highest-yield type of property in this community is studios that generate an average of 7.2% per annum. One and two-bedroom apartments bring their owners 6.8% and 7.1% respectively. The return on investment in a three-bedroom apartment can reach 6.5%. Four-bedroom apartments yield 6%, while villas and townhouses bring upwards of 2.5% and 6.6% per annum respectively. As foreign citizens were only recently allowed to buy property for investment in Al Raha Beach and in Abu Dhabi in general, and have full ownership of it, the home prices in this emirate are currently beginning to climb. You will be able to resell the property you buy today with a profit, as long as you select an investment-worthy option.

Buy property in Al Raha Beach

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