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Property in Yas Island

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Property for sale on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Yas is a man-made island 24 km from the center of Abu Dhabi. This is a hub of fashionable restaurants, clubs, and hotels. The community offers a unique lifestyle, as its residents and guests can use world-class amenities and well-designed infrastructure, see landmarks, and enjoy a wide variety of beach leisure and other kinds of entertainment. You cannot confuse Yas with any other Abu Dhabi location. This is where the impressive yacht marina is, along with Ferrari World theme park, W Abu Dhabi Hotel, and other iconic destinations.

The island is a paradise for tourists, tenants, businessmen, and investors in property in Abu Dhabi. You can buy premium villas and apartments here. Residential real estate on Yas Island for foreigners is not only a great option as a permanent residence and a vacation home but also a liquid asset that can generate a stable income if you buy property for investment on Yas Island wisely.

For expats, one of the key advantages of properties on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi is the availability to foreign investors. Yas Island is a freehold area where a national of any country can purchase any property they like and have full ownership of it. Buyers and guests have access to golf courses, Yas Mall, Yas Waterworld theme water park, international schools, clinics, and many other amenities and landmarks.

Real estate for sale on Yas Island is represented by a wide range of apartments and villas. Some of them are furnished and completely move-in-ready, some are off-plan and available at lower prices directly from the developer.

H2 Property prices on Yas Island

Apartments in Abu Dhabi, especially on Yas Island, are sought-after by investors because of the community’s impressive long-term potential. Western immigrants constitute a significant share of the island’s residents, and they love open spaces, golf courses, and premium restaurants. That is why the district is popular among both young professionals and families with children.

The rent depends on the property type and the number of bedrooms:

  • The average rent of a studio on Yas Island is about AED 55,000 (USD 14,900, or CNY 100,700) per year
  • One-bedroom apartments are leased for AED 75,000 (USD 20,400, or CNY 137,400) per year
  • The average rent of a two-bedroom apartment is AED 111,000 (USD 30,200, or CNY 203,300) per year
  • A three-bedroom residence can be rented for AED 130,000 (USD 35,300, or CNY 238,100) – AED 175,000 (USD 47,600, or CNY 320,600) per year

Sea-view apartments are more expensive.

If you prefer more space, you should consider villas:

  • Renting a two-bedroom villa costs on average AED 165,000 (USD 44,900, or CNY 302,300) per year
  • The rent of a three-bedroom villa is approximately AED 190,000 (USD 51,700, or CNY 348,700) – AED 220,000 (USD 59,800, or CNY 403,100) per year
  • Four-bedroom villas are leased for AED 217,000 (USD 59,000, or CNY 397,600) per year
  • Renting a five-bedroom villa will cost about AED 260,000 (USD 70,700, or CNY 476,700) – AED 500,000 (USD 136,100, or CNY 916,100) per year

If you are interested in properties for sale on Yas Island, the prices are as follows:

  • The average value of studios is AED 585,000 (USD 159,200, or CNY 1.07 million)
  • One-bedroom apartments cost about AED 836,000 (USD 227,600, or CNY 1.5 million)
  • Two-bedroom apartments, about AED 1.3 million (USD 353,900, or CNY 2.3 million)
  • Three-bedroom apartments, AED 1.9 million (USD 517,200, or CNY 3.4 million)
  • Four-bedroom apartments, AED 2.5 million (USD 680,600, or CNY 4.5 million) on average

The average value of villas on Yas Island is AED 5.6 million (USD 1.5 million, or CNY 10.2 million).

Investment property on Yas Island

If you would like to invest in Yas Island property, some of the best options on the local real estate market are the West Yas and Yas Acres projects. If you prefer completed properties, Ansam is the most attractive community from the price/quality perspective.

Studios generate the highest return on investment in buy-to-rent properties, i.e. about 8% per annum. One and two-bedroom apartments yield approximately 7.2% and 7.1% respectively. Villas bring a passive income ranging from 5.3% to 6.3% per year, depending on their parameters.

Buy property on Yas Island

A wide range of properties on Yas Island is available on the Abu Dhabi website. Here, you will find the best new developments in Abu Dhabi, apartments, and villas in the most popular residential communities on Yas. You can also view current prices in euros and dollars. Our professional team will gladly tell you everything you need to know to buy real estate on Yas Island and help you to select a liquid buy-to-rent or buy-to live property.