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Off-plan developments in Abu Dhabi

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Off-plan property for sale in Abu Dhabi

New off-plan projects in Abu Dhabi are part of a large and diverse market. Investors and home-hunters purchase apartments in residential developments at the stage of construction because they want to benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Lower cost

    Property prices in off-plan new residential developments are significantly lower than prices of move-in-ready residences. Enticing offers and flexible payment plans make such assets even more lucrative from the investment perspective. With numerous projects all over the Emirati capital, developers are able to offer convenient pay-in-installments plans that require only a small down payment

  2. Capital gain

    The UAE real estate market is rapidly developing, so the value of off-plan properties usually increases immediately upon construction completion. However, investors must carefully select the property and pay extra attention to its location to see a capital gain. They need to make sure amenities are built in the community where the project is located.

  3. Return on investment

    Real estate investors who want to receive a stable passive income must cater to the wishes of potential tenants. Selecting a property in a prime location with great amenities will ensure a high return on investment.

  4. Customers’ safety

    Buyers who decided to purchase an off-plan property in Abu Dhabi are protected by the law from any delays, cancellations, or fraud. They pay the money to the banks endorsed by the government. Developers can only access these funds upon announcing the completion of construction.

  5. Diversity of projects

    New communities and residential complexes are being built all over the capital of the Emirates within the Infrastructure Development Plan 2030. There is a wide range of options available to investors who are choosing a project at the construction stage.

Off-plan property in Abu Dhabi

Property from the developer at the construction stage is a bestseller in the Emirati real estate market because of considerable discounts from the property’s market value in case of purchasing it at the first stage of sales. Such an investment is an opportunity to make a profit through capital gain or return your investment and start receiving a stable rental income within a very short time. That is the reason why it is best to purchase an apartment in Abu Dhabi at the stage of foundation laying.

Flexible payment plans are available for the majority of off-plan property in Abu Dhabi. Buyers don’t have to invest the whole amount at once; instead, they can pay for their future home in installments. Construction companies in Abu Dhabiare fiercely competing with each other, so each one is trying to attract investors with more generous terms.

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Here are a few examples of real estate prices in different off-plan projects in Abu Dhabi:

  • An apartment on Al Reem Island costs AED 713,777 (USD 194,300, or CNY 1.3 million) and more
  • The starting price of residences in Yas Beach is AED 2,460,000 (USD 670,000, or CNY 4.6 million). Buyers can choose from studios, one to four-bedroom apartments, and duplexes
  • An elegant 3-bedroom villa in Al Shamkha is worth upwards of AED 2,700,000 (USD 735,000, or CNY 5 million)

However, the price alone is not the only thing to consider when making a choice. Many developers also offer exclusive early-bird benefits, such as post-handover services and gifts, that can become a nice addition to your smart purchase.

Buy real estate in an off-plan project in Abu Dhabi

To select off-plan projects in Abu Dhabi, go to the Abu Dhabi catalog. Representatives of our aggregator website take vetting of listings very seriously. Only projects from time-tested developers that care about their reputation are featured on the web portal. You can also view the current value of housing in an off-plan development in the catalog (the website displays prices in euros and dollars).

When you buy property off-plan in Abu Dhabi, you make an investment in your successful future. Both novices and experienced investors are hunting for such assets. Importantly, the value of homes in a new off-plan development continues to increase after the project’s commissioning. Over the first two quarters of the current year alone, the prices grew by 14% in the affordable segment and by 8% in the upscale segment. Investors who have purchased real estate from the developer at the construction stage in communities such as Al Reem, Al Raha, Al Reef, Saadiyat, and Masdar, are seeing the highest returns.

Purchasing an off-plan property at the developer’s price in Abu Dhabi is the best way of maximizing your returns.