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Off-plan apartments in Abu Dhabi

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Off-plan apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi

Apartments in Abu Dhabi are among the most lucrative offerings in the international real estate market. Investors and home-hunters are particularly interested in new off-plan apartments in Abu Dhabi. These are some of the best options for buyers with limited budgets or those who want to see high capital gains in a short time.

A wide selection of apartments and flats in new off-plan residential projects at the developer’s price is available in the Emirati capital. Here are some of the most promising projects that are currently at the construction stage.

  1. Al Maryah Vista

    The master plan of this residential development features plenty of vegetation, parks, and gardens, as well as a wide range of amenities, including a children’s swimming pool, an adult swimming pool, a gym, and a supermarket

  2. Al Maryah Vista II

    The second phase of the abovementioned project will also pamper its residents with a wide choice of amenities, including a barbecue area, parking, and a recreation area

  3. Rime Nine

    The project is close to a beach, a hospital, public transport stops, restaurants, a mosque, and other important facilities

Investment in an apartment from the developer in Abu Dhabi

Construction companies in Abu Dhabi are now intensifying their activity in almost every community within the capital. And despite certain risks inherent to an investment in an apartment from the developer at the construction stage in Abu Dhabi, off-plan facilities are still in very high demand.

One of the key reasons is that the UAE Government puts a lot of effort into protecting the rights of real estate buyers. Investors transfer the money to a special escrow account that developers can only access upon construction completion. Buyers can make a lucrative investment in apartments from the developer at the construction stage and do not worry about any potential project delay or cancellation.

Apartments and flats at the developer’s price

Apartments in new off-plan residential developments in Abu Dhabi are some of the most popular niches in the Emirati real estate market. Local developers offer a wide range of benefits to such buyers. Investors are attracted by flexible payment plans under which they can pay the property value in installments. Another tangible advantage is the favorable price of off-plan apartments in Abu Dhabi.

Buy an apartment in a new residential project in Abu Dhabi

If you would like to buy an apartment in a new building in Abu Dhabi, please view the catalog on the aggregator website. The user-friendly search system makes it easy to browse the best listings in the real estate market of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other emirates, so website visitors can quickly find apartments in residential projects at the stage of laying the foundation. The catalog also features the cost of apartments in off-plan projects in Abu Dhabi (with all prices in euros and dollars for your convenience).

An off-plan apartment may cost from AED 0.3 million to AED 25 million, so buyers can select the options to meet their needs and match their budgets. Our professional team will gladly help all clients to navigate the new-built apartment sales in Abu Dhabi.

If you buy an apartment in a new off-plan residential development in Abu Dhabi, you will make one of the best possible transactions in the market of property in Abu Dhabi.