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Villas and houses in Al Raha Beach

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Villas for sale in Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Al Raha Beach is a large waterfront district in Abu Dhabi with great amenities and different types of residential properties. This community will be perfect for those who are planning to buy property in Abu Dhabi, for example villas in Al Raha Beach for investment and permanent residence.

A house in Al Raha Beach is usually part of a residential project with communal amenities, such as large swimming pools, sports clubs, children’s playgrounds, access to a private beach, etc.

The community consists of several neighborhoods that accommodate both apartment blocks and low-rise villages. The most popular subcommunities in which to buy a villa in Al Raha Beach, or perhaps a townhouse, are:

  • Al Muneera – a neighborhood with a large business center, shops, a waterfront for walking, a water park, landscaped gardens, and other amenities
  • Al Zeina – one of the new developments where you can find townhouses and villas on the waterfront. It has a 500-meter sand beach, a yacht marina, numerous retail outlets, restaurants, and beauty parlors

Amenities in Al Raha Beach

The beachfront community accommodates multiple retail outlets, including popular chain supermarkets and Al Raha Mall, a huge shopping mall with a wide selection of goods, a cinema, a cosmetology clinic, and diverse restaurants and cafés.

Residents of Al Raha Beach can enjoy comfortable leisure on beautiful snow-white beaches with great amenities, walk along the embankment of the Al Raha Canal, and taste cuisines from all over the world in numerous waterfront restaurants.

There are about 130 yacht berths in this district. It also accommodates sports clubs, beauty parlors, parks, and a branching network of footpaths and cycling tracks overlooking the Persian Gulf. Public transport is well developed in the community, so its residents can easily reach both the Abu Dhabi Downtown and the neighboring islands with a golf club, a car racing track, and emirate’s other iconic landmarks.

Villa prices in Al Raha Beach

Luxurious houses for sale in Al Raha Beach, a waterfront community of Abu Dhabi, are upscale residential properties. You can find Arabian style villas with exquisite architecture and interior finish made of quality materials here. High-end residences feature large gated grounds that can accommodate a private swimming pool, a landscaped garden, a terrace with a recreation area, and many other amenities.

The price of a villa in Al Raha Beach starts at AED 3.7 million (USD 1 million, or CNY 6.9 million). The value of houses in residential developments in Abu Dhabi depends on their distance from the sea and from the key facilities, the total floor area, and the availability of different amenities.

The demand for real estate is currently high in the Emirates, so prices of all categories of residential properties are increasing incrementally. You can always view the current prices in euros and dollars on our website if you would like to buy an Al Raha Beach home.

Features of villas in Al Raha Beach

There are villas to suit any taste in this seaside community, including classical spacious two-story houses in the Arabian style, decorated with corbel arches and columns and featuring a large gated backyard with a swimming pool, a barbecue area, a recreation area with outdoor furniture, a parking space for a vehicle, and other amenities.

If you prefer the contemporary style, there are villas and townhouses with large panoramic windows and reserved, minimalist architecture.

You can also find off-plan properties located in prestigious seaside neighborhoods within the district. Such exclusive options are available at a good discount from developers in Abu Dhabi until the property is commissioned. Do not to miss out on the opportunity of purchasing a quality home at a bargain price, as the best properties are quickly bought up by foreign businessmen and investors almost immediately upon project announcement.

Investment house in Al Raha Beach

Abu Dhabi has lately become a popular destination for foreigners who want to make a reliable real estate investment.

The UAE policy is aimed at active development of the country’s tourist industry and business, so many expats move to Abu Dhabi every year, planning to live, work, and grow their businesses here. All this affects the real estate market in a positive way, causing the price growth and boosting the demand for all types of residential properties.

Today, you have an opportunity of making a house investment in Al Raha Beach and receiving a stable passive income from leasing it. Three to four-bedroom villas can generate an annual return of 6.2 – 6.5%. Premium five and six-bedroom properties yield about 3.2% per annum.

Buy a house in Al Raha Beach

If you are planning to purchase an investment house in Al Raha, it is important to analyze the market before the purchase and select the best suitable property with the right price/quality ratio.

You will find the most relevant listings from private persons, real estate agents, and construction companies in Abu Dhabi on our website. You can easily compare the prices of different types of villas here, assess the quality of amenities and interior finish of every house by photos, and view the property’s location on the map.

Our search settings will help you to select a home within the desired price range, in a certain residential project, etc.

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