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  • Fay Al Reeman II, a new residential project, will be completed in Abu Dhabi in early 2026

    This February, construction of a new residential project Fay Al Reeman II began in Al Reeman, an upscale villa community in the Abu Dhabi district of Al Shamkha. The complex will consist exclusively of opulent villas in a contemporary architectural style. Buyers will be able to choose the appearance of their future home and adapt its interior and...

  • Stages of buying real estate in Abu Dhabi

    Over the past decade, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has become more open to foreigners and, in particular, to potential buyers of real estate. After changing the rules that guarantee foreign citizens the opportunity to purchase real estate in Abu Dhabi, there is a significant increase in demand in the emirate market. There are now several...

  • Where to invest and invest money in 2022, so as not to lose

    To take care of their future well-being, a person must know where to invest the funds they earn. COVID-19 has proved that even a stable economy can quickly turn upside down, leaving those who were not prepared for difficult times struggling for income. The information below will help anyone who wants to not only save but also grow their finances...

  • Price overview and prospects of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi for 2022

    Last year, Abu Dhabi was recognized as the most livable place in the Middle East. The city has become a new favorite among buyers and tenants of real estate. This year, the local market continues to receive an active influx of foreign investment, which explains the increased demand and the upward trajectory of prices. The high return on investment...

  • Pros and cons of living in Abu Dhabi

    In this article, we examine the pros and cons of real estate in Abu Dhabi, which should be taken into account by everyone who plans to buy real estate in Abu Dhabi or wants to move to a permanent place of residence. Contents: Advantages of buying a property in Abu Dhabi High level of wages No income tax High level of security Sunshine...

  • How to get a residence permit (residence permit) in the UAE

    In recent years, the UAE has been actively supporting foreign investors, creating a fertile ground for their activities, and stimulating the attraction of capital from abroad. One of the incentives designed to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the Emirates is a residence permit. To issue a residence permit in the UAE means to gain the...

  • Yas Park Gate project worth AED 1.15 billion was launched by Aldar in Abu Dhabi

    Yas Park Gate is the latest project announced by Aldar Properties and inspired by consumer desire for community living. Its construction has just begun near Yas Park, Abu Dhabi’s first family and entertainment park of this kind. 508 new residences with a total floor area of over 255,000 square meters will be part of a residential project...

  • Abu Dhabi’s mega projects in 2022

    Many high-profile projects have been built in the UAE over the past few years, from shopping malls with mountain ski slopes to record-tall towers. During the pandemic, time seemed to stop for most of the world, but the Emirates’ cityscape continued evolving. High-rise buildings became even taller, land plots were cleared, and new projects...

  • Abu Dhabi rentals reduced to the 2016 level

    According to a new report from ValuStrat (a consulting firm), in the second quarter of 2022, the rental for Abu Dhabi residences dropped to the record low since 2016. The average occupancy rate in the city is 81%. The ValuStrat Price Index (VPI) that measures the cost of rent in Abu Dhabi reduced by 3.4% compared to the previous quarter of 2022...

  • New upscale community worth AED 10 billion will be built on Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi

    Ain Al Maha is a new community that will be built on one of Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmarks, Jubail Island, by 2025. The project’s total value is estimated at AED 10 billion (USD 2.7 billion). The developer believes the time is ripe for this project, as 90% of its current properties is already sold out. The new project will spread across...

  • Aldar Properties is purchasing two islands and the luxurious Nurai Island Resort in Abu Dhabi

    In addition to the luxurious Nurai Island Resort, one of Abu-Dhabi’s largest developers has recently purchased two new islands near Abu Dhabi to build villas on. Aldar will implement the Nurai Island Resort restoration plan and expand the range of hotel services and fast-food restaurants. This acquisition enables Aldar to create the supply...

  • United Arab Emirates bank announced the first-ever financing of land plots

    The new offering was a response to the growing demand for purchasing land from foreign citizens and local residents. Since last year, the prices of land and real estate in the UAE have increased, so more and more people want to purchase a land plot as an investment or a way of building a house of their own. The bank is ready to finance up to 60%...

  • Aldar is launching a new project with luxurious apartments on Saadiyat Island

    One of Abu Dhabi’s largest developers has recently announced the launch of the Grove District project located on Saadiyat Island, the emirate’s new cultural center. Three of the island’s major landmarks are minutes away from the future project: Zayed National Museum Louvre Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Abu Dhabi All of them will be...

  • Abu Dhabi real estate market will be on the rise in the second half of the year

    Data from the sector’s leading analysists suggests that the second half of 2022 will look even better for the Abu Dhabi real estate market, which has started off the year pretty well, thanks to mega projects, extension of Etihad Rail, and growing oil prices. In the first quarter of 2022, slightly more than 3,300 transactions worth over AED...

  • Number of villas and apartments in the Abu Dhabi real estate market keeps growing

    In the first quarter of 2022, just over 3,300 transactions worth more than AED 11.3 billion (USD 3.076 billion) were made, which suggests that the Abu Dhabi real estate market is off for a good start. According to Zoom Property Insights, the second quarter’s performance is going to be similar, laying the foundation for a successful year 2022...