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Land plots in Abu Dhabi

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Land plots for sale in Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Foreigners can invest in land in Abu Dhabi or in any other type of property in freehold areas. There are currently 17 of those in the UAE capital, so you can select a suitable option. Freehold areas are mostly located on islands whose geodetic features make low-rise and mid-rise construction possible. This is an affordable opportunity to own a dream house for people with a clear vision of a future villa or cottage. You can build property in Abu Dhabi сon your own or entrust this to local developers – it’s only up to the owner and their current plans.


The average starting land prices in Abu Dhabi are AED 1 million (USD 268,300, or CNY 1.8 million). The choice is the greatest on Yas and Saadiyat Islands. Lands on Al Reem are also available. The listings are valid as of the time of posting because the demand for land plots in the capital is consistently rising. Development land for sale in Abu Dhabi is growing more expensive much faster if its purpose is commercial. An investor may be expected to pay dozens million dollars.

Investment land plots in Abu Dhabi

Land plot ownership opens up great opportunities. You can buy land in Abu Dhabi for investment and construction and build a house to your taste. Or you can embrace a long-term strategy and resell the land at a higher price several years later. Here are some of the reasons to invest in Abu Dhabi plots:

  • Bargain prices

    If you are going to buy development land in Abu Dhabi, the price will be much lower than in large European and American cities. Meanwhile, the UAE economy is growing at a rapid pace

  • Great choice

    Abu Dhabi is located on an island, so you can select a plot on the beachfront or in another part of the megalopolis

  • Reliable investment

    Purchasing land is an affordable way of protecting your money from inflation. The UAE economy is developing rapidly, which directly affects the growing demand for real estate

Value capitalization makes it possible to see tangible returns. All land transactions are protected by the government, just like purchase of an apartment in Abu Dhabi. This eliminates any risk.

How to purchase

It is important to make sure before the purchase that the land plot you are considering is located in a freehold area. In other territories, foreigners may only have a long-term lease on their property. When you make a decision to buy land in Abu Dhabi for construction, you must have a clear plan of how to use it, as it determines the value, the shape, and the area of the plot. You may build not only residential but also commercial properties. Services of professional brokers make the process of selecting and documenting a land plot easier.

Buy a land plot in Abu Dhabi

The catalog features listings of land plots for sale in which you can subsequently build a house in Abu Dhabi. Our convenient search system has filters by the community, approximate budget, or property type, so investors can view all relevant information in a few minutes. The website lists prices in euros and dollars. Our professional team is happy to consult you on selecting and purchasing land, and also walk you through all the legal subtleties of closing the deal.