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Villas and houses in Marina Village

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Villas for sale in Marina Village, Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Marina Village is located on Marina Island, Abu Dhabi. It is washed by the open sea of the Persian Gulf on the one side and forms a harbor on the other side. Perfect conditions for comfortable seaside living and leisure are created here, far from the hustle and bustle of the megalopolis. This location will be perfect for expats or simply those who wish to buy property in Abu Dhabi in the premium segment.

A highway is running through the center of this community, and upscale residential projects are built on both sides of it. In such a location, the windows and balconies of each residence offer breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf. Residents who decided to buy a Marina Village home have access to magnificent sand beaches moments away from their doorstep.

All premium-quality houses for sale in Marina Village feature high-end amenities.

Key amenities for residents of Marina Village

As this community is situated on one of the most prestigious islands in Abu Dhabi, its residents have access to a variety of premium amenities, including:

  • Sprawling sand beaches with all the necessities for comfortable waterfront leisure
  • Yachting club and marina for yachts and boats
  • Five-star hotels with a wide range of amenities and premium restaurants
  • Two health centers
  • Mosque
  • Two wellness centers
  • Marina Mall - this is a large shopping and entertainment mall that accommodates about 400 shops with various goods, including articles by world-famous brands. There is also a hypermarket, a cinema, a trampoline park, a bowling, various children’s attractions, cafés, and restaurants in the mall

An important advantage of this community is the comfortable schedule of frequently running buses and a well-developed network of motorways. Residents who buy a villa in Marina Village can choose the preferred method of transportation.

Villas prices in Marina Village

Upscale villas in Marina Village for investment and permanent residence are available for sale. They have a large floor area and sprawling grounds. For instance, a luxurious five-bedroom mansion with a floor area of 1,858 m2, a private swimming pool, and adjacent grounds is worth AED 22 million (USD 6 million, or CNY 41 million). The key feature of such a house is a huge private garden opening onto a beach.

The value of a villa in Marina Village depends on different parameters. Residences with access to a private beach or a yacht marina are the most expensive. House prices can also vary depending on the floor area and the availability of various amenities, such as a swimming pool, a well-kept garden, etc.

The cost of real estate in residential developments in Abu Dhabi changes all the time, so be sure to check the current prices in euros and dollars on our website when you are planning the purchase.

Key features of villas in Marina Village

A premium house in Marina Village usually boasts a vast land plot with a luxurious swimming pool, a spacious recreation area, a large garden, a barbecue area, and other amenities. Owners of such residences can equip the grounds as they see fit and also customize the interior of the mansion to create a perfect home for themselves and their family.

Owners of villas with the backyard overlooking the harbor have access to a private beach straight from their residence. Many properties in this part of the community also feature a yacht marina. Such a home will be a perfect choice for all fans of sailing and sea trips.

Investment house in Marina Village

Upscale real estate in Abu Dhabi is now extremely popular among tourists and residents. Many people from all over the world go on vacation to this emirate all year round, even in winter months, when the weather here is still warm.

Luxurious villas with access to a private beach and a private yacht marina will be in high demand among tenants who would like to have fun on their vacation, move here for permanent residence, or spend the winter on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

You can make a house investment in Marina Village and receive a passive rental income from long-term or short-term lease. The latter option is possible for private persons only if they handle it via a management company. Despite the need to deal with intermediaries, short-term lease is much more profitable than the long-term option. The average return on investment in Abu Dhabi reaches 7% per annum. So, buying villas in Marina Village for expats means receiving a stable income throughout the year.

Buy a house in Marina Village

Purchasing upscale real estate on one of Abu Dhabi’s mot popular islands is a great choice for businessmen and investors, or simply those who want to save and grow their capital. You should study everything the market has to offer regardless of whether you are considering a buy-to-live or a buy-to-rent property, so that you could select a home that will meet all your requirements precisely.

Our website features the most current listings of villas for sale on Marina Island from physical persons, real estate agents, and construction companies in Abu Dhabi.

With our convenient search by price, location, name of the residential project, and many other parameters, you can easily choose the best options for your future purchase.

Marina Village is a prestigious community, so the demand for upscale residential property is very high here. Prices for up-market properties increase consistently in the UAE. Do not waste any time choosing the best option today, as the supply in the real estate market is limited.